Getting Started: Identity Management

In order to link your environment to Living Security Applications, you will need to begin with the below articles.

:books: Overview

When creating a connection between your environment and Living Security, one of the first steps to be performed should be the creation of an application within your Identity Provider service.

This service in your organization is typically used for your users to access applications using your internal, secure credentials to ensure a robust and seamless authentication platform between your organization and applications such as Living Security’s Teams and Training Platform. 

👋 A number of examples of an Identity Provider would include Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, PingOne, OneLogin, etc.

:octagonal_sign: Recommendations before proceeding

It is recommended that you have your organization’s Identity Management Administrator, please ensure that they are available and have had an opportunity to read through this article, and any related functionality articles so your organization may have a smooth integration experience.

⚙️ How-to - Creating a Living Security Application in your Identity Provider Service

Below you will find the steps required for your Identity Provider service. Please see below and select the article that will walk you through how to create an application in your environment.

Recommended Next Steps