Identity Management - FAQ

Living Security's provides many methods for adding and maintaining your organization's users of our products. With so many methods, questions are sure to arise! Please see below our frequently asked questions.


🗒️ For How-To articles on enabling Identity Management method(s) or the requirements for this functionality to be enabled, please see our How-To Article flow.


I have SSO, why do I need to upload users?

In order for you to use SSO to provision users, you will need to enable Just-in-Time provisioning. Without this functionality enabled, your SSO connection is only used to validate a user is allowed access to our product. 

🗒️ If you do not wish to enable Just-in-Time provisioning, you must either provision your users via SCIM or via manual provisioning. 

How do I log on to the Training Platform via SSO?

Once your organization has enabled SAML SSO between your IDP Service and Living Security products, you will need to proceed to and attempt to log in via a provisioned user. If Just-in-Time provisioning is enabled, you can attempt to login without provisioning a user, as your sign-in attempt will provision a user. 

Why did a user receive an error that their login failed on the Training Platform? We have SSO.

If a user in your organization is experiencing an error when attempting to log in, please ensure that this user has been provisioned to your Living Security product instance. 

How do I send SAML data for SSO Sign In help?

⚠️ It is highly recommended that you conduct this troubleshooting with your IT team present so that they can best guide you through this process.

In order for Living Security to receive information to help troubleshoot an issue, you will need to open up your Dev Tools for the browser you are experiencing your issue in. To do this press the F12 key on your keyboard, and ensure you are in the Network tab.

You then will need to attempt to login via SSO and search for a method:Post. You will then be able to download the SAMLResponse package as a HAR File. 


How to remove users from the User Management page on the Training Platform as a SCIM client.

Un-assigning in your SCIM provider (Okta, Active Directory, etc) will ensure the users are removed from the User Management admin page and the employees no longer have access to the Training site. 

Does User Provisioning overwrite edited user attributes on the Training Site?

The benefit of using User Provisioning is it allows you to set user attributes via your Identity Management Service. If your organization has previously manually provisioned users to Training Platform, then enabled User Provisioning, this will cause the attributes to be overwritten by what is stored in your Identity Management service, based on what attributes you have mapped.