Configuring your Living Security Application SAML SSO Automatically

Uploading your identity provider's metadata file to our SAML Self-Service tool is a simple way to establish a single sign-on connection with our Platform.


:octagonal_sign: Prerequisites

Before we begin, we highly recommend that you ensure that your Identity Provider Application be configured before continuing. If this step is not completed, then there is a possibility that the Metadata Certificate will not be valid and you will experience errors when attempting to log in.

Another prerequisite is that you should secure your Application Metadata URL in your IDP, this will require your IDP Administrator’s involvement.


:mag_right: Where can I find my Application Metadata URL?

Azure Active Directory

You can locate your Federated Application Metadata URL in Section 3 of the Single Sign-on Tab of your Enterprise Application.


You can locate your IDP Metadata URL in the Single Sign-on Tab of your Application under the SAML 2.0 section. Detailed Instructions


You can locate your IDP Metadata URL under the Configuration Tab of your Application. Detailed Instructions


You can locate your Issuer Metadata URL in the SSO Tab of your application. Detailed Instructions

:white_check_mark: Steps to Follow

  1. Proceed to the Configuration section of your Living Security Training Platform application.

  2. Select the SAML SSO Configuration tab

  3. Make sure your application is set to Metadata URL Mode

  4. Paste the IDP Metadata URL from your Organization’s Identity Provider Application

  5. Select Save

If your Metadata URL is valid, you should see a new attribute populate with the Certificate Expiration date. If you can see this, congratulations! You have formed a SAML SSO Connection between your IDP and Living Security Training Platform!