What is Sender Authentication and How Does it Work?

Sender Authentication is only available for our Teams: CyberEscape Online and Training Platforms.


Teams: CyberEscape Online and the Training Platform share notification services which deliver notifications to your end users. You are able to configure some email notifications, delivered by each tool, to be delivered from your own organization's domain through sender authentication.

Email sender authentication is a method of verifying the identity of the sender of an email message to ensure that it has not been altered or forged during transmission. The authentication process involves verifying the sending domain and IP address of the email to confirm that it originated from a trusted source. This process will authorize our application to use your domain to originate emails within our applications via your specifications.

Instead of your end users receiving certain emails from our default email address training@app.livingsecurity.com, you can send these notifications from your organization's domain. 

Here is a list of email notifications, by platform, that can be routed through your own organization's domain through Sender Authentication:


  • Campaign Notifications
    • Training Assigned
    • Due Date Approaching
    • Past Due notifications
  • Manager Summary Emails
  • Ad-hoc Notifications

As an Admin, you are able to customize your Campaign and Manager Summary Email Notifications. For more information on notification customization, visit our article: How To Create Custom Email Notifications on the Training Platform.

👥Teams: CyberEscape Online:

  • Session Confirmation Emails with Calendar Invite
  • Session Cancellation Emails

To view examples of our Teams: CyberEscape Online notifications, visit our article: What Email Notifications will Admins/Participants Receive with Teams: CyberEscape Online?

🔴 At this time, Welcome emails, Password reset emails, and One-time passcodes🔴 cannot be delivered through a custom domain for both our Teams and Training platform and will get delivered from our default training@app.livingsecurity.com email address. 

⚙️How to Setup

If you are wanting to set up sender authentication for notifications to be sent from your organization's domain, visit our How To Setup: Sender Authentication article for additional technical details.

This will require active engagement from your IT Team to complete this functionality. Please ensure you have engaged them based on your organization's IT Policy to begin this process. The IT Personnel who will be needed to enable this functionality will need to be able to access and update the DNS section of your email server.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us