Getting Started: Basic Troubleshooting

As a customer, our technology requires some key local and internet based tools to function properly. If you are experiencing issues that are preventing you from using our software, please follow the below Getting Started steps!

⚙️ Overview

Living Security applications are built as a Web Application that will require your organization to have both your local computer utilizing a few minimum requirements, such as a required browser, and some network/IT permissions granted in order for the application to perform at an optimal level. 

If you are using our application, and are experiencing issues using our product, we have curated several articles for you to begin troubleshooting your issue(s) and attempt to get you in the right direction of a solution. 

❓Where can I start?

It is recommended that if you are experiencing an issue when using a Living Security application, for you to please proceed to the below link so that you can run the test on your local machine. 

If you are planning on reaching out to Living Security Support, it would be extremely helpful if you were to write down the time(including your time zone) you clicked the below link. Support use this information to view the logs of your test and be able to narrow down your issue more efficiently with this information.

Living Security Test Tool

Once you have run this test, you should see if a test has failed, if a test has failed, or you are unable to take the test, please see below recommended troubleshooting options. 

If at any time you are running into issues while troubleshooting and need assistance, simply click on the Chat icon and a Living Security Support representative will be happy to assist you in your troubleshooting.

🔁 Browser Troubleshooting

If you have failed the Browser and Version Test, or are currently experiencing an issue where portions of the application's User Interface is not loading, we recommend you follow the below article for troubleshooting your local browser and attempt to resolve your issue(s).

Browser Troubleshooting

📶 Internet Speed Troubleshooting

If you have failed the Internet Speed test, or are experiencing issues involving long load times/content loading issues, we recommend you follow the below article for troubleshooting your internet speed to attempt to resolve your issue(s).

Internet Speed Troubleshooting

🎤 Hardware Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing an issue where your Speakers, Microphone and/or Camera are not being recognized or accessible, then we recommend you follow the below article for troubleshooting Hardware connectivity and permissions issue(s). 

Hardware Troubleshooting

✅ Compatibility Test Failures

If you have run the Living Security Test Tool and have found that you have failed the Database Connection Test, Media Connection Test, or the Video & Audio Test, we recommend you reach out to your IT Support to ensure that they have allowed access based on this Whitelisting article series. If the issue is local to your computer only, or if it will take time for your IT Team to get to your request, we recommend you follow the below article to get you started. 

🙅 I Followed the Articles, but my issue still persists...

If you have conducted troubleshooting based on the articles above, or if you had to shift from your Organization's system to a personal computer to use the Living Security Application, then we recommend that you reach out to your Organization's IT Team to inform them that you attempted troubleshooting.

In order to eliminate all common case issues with Living Security Applications, we must first ensure that your Organization has granted all permissions required to allow for an optimal experience with our products.