Internet Speed Troubleshooting

Living Security Applications have a minimum requirement of Internet Speed in order for them to function properly in your environment. See below to troubleshoot your internet speed if an issue is occurring.

🌎 Overview

Living Security Applications operate via a Web Application service that streams Audio and Video traffic. In order to have an optimal experience with our products, it is recommended that your internet speed meet a minimum requirement of 5 Mbps. If your session environment is running into issues attempting to meet this minimum requirement, the below steps might be able to assist you in getting your environment to meet this standard.

📡 Ensure you are within optimal range of your Wifi Device

Most Wifi devices broadcast via an 802.11 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz, which have a bandwidth of 450-600 Mpbs / 1300 Mbps respectively. However, the further you are from your wifi device, the greater the falloff of the signal you can maintain with your wifi connection. Obstructions such as ceilings or walls will also significantly reduce the capabilities of your connection. 

It is highly recommended that your session environment is connected via an ethernet connection. However, if wifi is your only solution, please be in close proximity to your wifi device with no obstructions between your environment and the device.

📶 Ensure your Wifi is powered by Broadband and meets minimum speed requirements

It may be tempting to attempt to run a session environment via a hotspot or through cellular data. However, it is highly recommended that you create your session environment in a broadband environment. 

Web applications regularly have issues being run on cellular data/hotspot environments, and this can lead to instability in your session environment.  

To test your internet speed, you can go to to ensure your internet speed meets minimum requirements. If you are in a Living Security Application session environment this will tell you if you are failing any other tests as well and might lead to a quicker resolution of your issue.

🎶 Close any extraneous internet tabs, streaming devices or services that are active on your network. 

Internet tabs and streaming platforms can take up bandwidth on your network during a session. Even if the tab/service is paused, these services normally will download content to cache it when the service is started again so it gives a seamless experience. We recommend that you close all streaming tabs, devices and/or applications on your network during your session to reduce these bandwidth impacts. 

🔓 Disable your VPN

⛔ VPNs can cause issues with your internet speed based on how it routes your data through its service. Disabling your VPN can improve your bandwidth, however please check your IT policy, or speak with an IT Administrator before conducting this step to ensure you are not breaching your organization's internal IT policies/protections.