Browser Troubleshooting

Browser Troubleshooting steps can help ensure a clean environment for using Living Security Applications!

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Browser Troubleshooting Steps

🌎 Overview

You are currently attempting to use Living Security Applications, and unfortunately, something causes an issue. Infinite loading screens, blank screens, or error codes start popping up, and you have a Teams/Training session to complete! Never fear, Living Security support is here!

Below are some basic steps you can perform to see if it will resolve your issue. If for any reason, these steps do not fix your issue, it is recommended you reach out to support via the #support channel in Slack

It is highly recommended that all sessions be carried out in an Incognito Window of a Living Security supported browser. 

  • For Chrome, Select the Triple Vertical Dots at the top right of your browser and select New Incognito Window
  • For Edge, Select the Triple Horizontal Dots at the top right of your Browser and select New InPrivate Window
  • (Not Recommended for Teams) For Firefox, Select the Three Horizontal Lines at the top right of your Browser and select New Private Window.
Sessions in an incognito window will eliminate the potential for any login, caching or browser cookie conflicts that can cause issues in preparing your demoing environment, as well as ensures a clean environment for demonstrations!

☑️ Basic Browser Troubleshooting Steps

🔓 Prepare your session in a/an Incognito/Private browser window

A healthy session environment is a clean demo environment. Using an Incognito/Private browser window will prevent your normal browsers cache, cookies, logins, etc from creating conflicts in setting up your environment. 

When you have finished with your session, close the Incognito/Private browser window to ensure there are no conflicts with other demos in the future.

🔁 Refresh your Browser

If your screen is stuck either in loading or without loading content, first attempt to refresh your browser. This will restart your connection and/or remove the conflict causing the loading issue with the Living Security Web Application and your browser. 

♻️ Clear your History!

Most issues that occur on a local machine are caused by conflicts between existing data stored for your browser to use. Normally, this is stored to help load websites and applications faster, but conflicts can arise that lead to errors in loading/using those websites and applications. 

If the above steps are not working, or you need to use a normal window/tab, then it is recommended that your go to your browser's settings tab and clear the history.

To clear your browser history for recommended Living Security Browsers, see below:
  • For Chrome, select the Triple Vertical Dots at the top right of your browser and select Settings.
    • In the Security and Privacy settings, found in the left hand navigation pane, select the Clear Browsing Data option.
  • For Edge, select the Triple Horizontal Dots at the top right of your browser and select Settings at the bottom. 
    • In the Privacy, search and services tab of the left hand navigation pane, select the Clear browsing data now option under the Clear browsing data section
  • (Not recommended for Teams) For Firefox, select the Triple Horizontal Lines and select Settings at the bottom
    • In the Privacy & Security section of the left hand navigation pane, select the Clear Data... option under the Cookies and Site Data option 

👋 Reset your Session Environment Completely

🚧 Before conducting this step, we recommend you close any incognito/private windows you may have and opening a new incognito/private window, as this is essentially the same thing as conducting the steps below.

Completely logging out of the Web Application, closing the tab, clear browser data, opening a new tab/incognito window, then logging back in will completely reset your connection to the Web Application. 

This should reset your entire environment with a completely clean slate.

💬 Contact Living Security Support

If at this point you are still experiencing an issue, please reach out to Living Security Support via our Chat Widget inside your session.