Training Platform - Content Catalog Overview

Under the Campaigns menu on the left, there is a feature to view the Catalog of Content. In the Catalog, the Content will be broken into two folders:

  1. Living Security Catalog: Read only versions of the Content with the default Content Definitions
  2. My Collection: Favorited Content from the Living Security Catalog that can be customized and edited

In the Catalog there are four types of Content that is reviewable and can be customized:

  1. Series: 20-40 minute long Training Series 
  2. Independent Modules: 1-5 minute long Training Modules
  3. Email Notifications: Automated Email messaging to send reminders, past due notices, etc
  4. Message Notifications: Automated internal communications messaging to send reminders, past due notices, etc

Click here for a list overview of our Content Catalog.

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