Training Platform - Content Catalog Overview

How do I get to the Content Catalog in the Training Platform? 

Under the Campaigns menu on the left panel, you will be able to click on the Catalog tab to preview, favorite, or personalize content. While in the Catalog, Content will be broken into two folders:

  1. Living Security Catalog: Read only versions of the Content with the default Content Definitions
  2. My Collection: Favorited Content from the Living Security Catalog that can be customized and edited

In the Catalog there are two types of Content:

  1. Series: 20-40 minute long Training Series 
  2. Independent Modules: 1-5 minute long Training Modules

How do I preview Content from the Catalog? 

The quickest way to preview Content is to travel to the Catalog on the left side of the Admin Nav of the Training site as detailed below:
  1. Go to the Catalog tab
  2. Click on the "List" or "Videos" tab. 
  3. Click on a piece of content you would like to preview.

Catalog FAQ GIF

You can also preview content by toggling over to the "Videos" tab as shown in the GIF above. In this tab, content will be presented in a similar fashion as streaming platforms present movies or tv shows and has a bonus feature of letting you preview puzzles and assessments! Content in the "Videos" tab will be sorted by Security Concepts. Click on any piece of content to preview!

How do I add or remove content from My Collection? 

You can favorite content to add to the "My Collection" folder by clicking the heart icon next to the content name. You can always remove content from "My Collection" by finding the module you would like to remove and click on the 3 vertical dots next to the content name to remove. A copy will continue to remain in the Living Security Catalog if you wish to use that content later on. 

You will have both the "Series" and "Independent Module" folders in My Collection. Favorited Series from the LS Catalog will be added to the Series folder in My Collection and favorited Independent Modules in LS Catalog will be added to the Independent Modules folder in My Collection.

Please note: The folders in My Collection cannot be renamed at this time. 

How do I Personalize Content in the Catalog? 

Once you have favorited content to My Collection, you will be able to personalize the Questions, Answers, and Training Nudges. To personalize, follow these next steps as well as view the GIF:

  1. Find content you wish to personalize in your My Collection folder. 
  2. Click into the Assessment Folder of the content. 
  3. Click on Customize
  4. After it loads, the content that you clicked Customize on will be branded with a [P] for Personalized. 
  5. Click back into the assessment folder to click edit. You can edit the Questions, Answers, or Training Nudges. 

After personalizing the Questions, Answers and Training Nudges as you deem fit, you can then Make a Copy, Rename, or Remove the Personalized content from your My Collection folder by clicking the 3 vertical dots. 

Note: if you are renaming the title of the content, you will need to hit "Enter" on your keyboard to apply the name change. Furthermore, you cannot Personalize content that is being used in an active campaign. However, you can make multiple copies of the same personalized content as needed. 

A standard version of the content will remain in the Living Security Catalog for future use as well. 

How can I hyperlink text in the Training Platform Modules? 

You are able to hyperlink text in Questions or Training Nudges within an assessment. To hyperlink text, you will need to follow this format: 

[Display Text in these brackets](

Here is a screenshot example within the Training Platform for reference:

Here is a screenshot of how it will look for your Participants taking training once the content is assigned:

How can I add Company Specific videos to the Training Platform? 

A fun feature of Living Security's Platform site is the ability to incorporate your internal events and activities into custom modules on your users' dashboard.  Whether it's a lunch and learn, webinar, or even a scavenger hunt to get your users engaged, we'd love to host it on our Platform site to ensure your users have a single home base to return to for their security awareness training. 

Requesting a custom module for your platform site is easy! Download our Custom Module Request Form here. Ensure all fields are filled out, then send to our Support Team at

⛔ Note: End user dashboard images will have the module title and other content details overlaid. Do not submit images with text.

Your custom module will be available in your Living Security Catalog (only visible in your account of course) within five business days. Once there, if your custom module has an assessment, you can edit questions, answers and training nudges as illustrated above.


Click here for a list overview of our Content Catalog.

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