Training Platform SCIM Walkthrough

To make use of user provisioning via SCIM you must have SSO support enabled and SCIM
support enabled by a Living Security customer support representative.
Once these features of your account are enabled you can proceed to the configuration page to
enable SCIM and generate your required API key.

Until SCIM connection is complete, you must continue to use CSV file upload to provision SSO access.

Downloadable PDF User Provisioning (SCIM) Walkthrough

Enable SCIM by interacting with the toggle under User Provisioning 

If SCIM has not been enabled by a Living Security representative then the toggle will not appear
for you and you will need to contact Living Security


After enabling the toggle, save your configuration

Now you will see the API URL you will need for your SCIM client and the ability to generate an
API key which will also be used within your SCIM client

Press “Create API key” then give your API key a name (What you name it is entirely up to you)

At this point, you should see an API key secret displayed and a dialog asking you to store your
key in a safe place as it will only be displayed here once
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 7.51.44 AM

If you lose the API key you can always generate a new one, but you will need to add it to your
SCIM client.
At this point, you have successfully configured your Living Security Training Platform to enable
your SCIM client to connect. Next you will need to take the API key you generated and the API
URL to your SCIM client for configuration.
Your SCIM client will require the API url you received in the previous steps to configure your
Living Security Platform

Supported Actions:

The Living Security SCIM API supports SCIM 2.0 and the following actions:
● Importing new users and profile updates
● Pushing new users
● Pushing profile updates
The Living Security SCIM API does not support groups


The Living Security SCIM API supports Authentication via HTTP Header ( Authorization)
In the form:
Header: Authorization
Value: Bearer ***************
Where the value following bearer is your API Key

Unique Identifier Field for Users:

The unique identifier field for users within the Living Security API is userName

Here is an example of a fully configured SCIM client within Okta. 

Detailed instructions for establishing SCIM in Okta

Detailed instructions for establishing SCIM in Azure Active Directory

Attributes Supported by the Living Security SCIM API


The attributes below are mandatory.