Establishing a SCIM connection in Okta

The System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) user management API enables automatic provisioning of users between the Living Security Training Platform and Okta.

Adding SCIM capability to a current Okta app

  1. Login to Okta admin, click Applications, and locate and click into the Living Security application you created for single sign-on.

  2. Select the Provisioning Tab, enter into the SCIM connector base URL, make UserName (or whatever you have mapped to the user's email address) the value for Unique identifier field for users  check the boxes for Import New Users and Profile Updates, Push New Users, and Push Profile Updates. Set the authentication mode to HTTP Header. Enter your authorization bearer token. Finally, test the integration and then click Save.

  3. After saving, click To App for attribute mapping options. Reference the support attributes article to map the appropriate attributes for your environment.