Training Platform - How to Create Audiences for a New Hire Campaign

💻 One great use case for a campaign on the Training Platform is to create a New Hire Campaign! To target just the new hires within your organization, we recommend creating cohort audiences on the timeline of your choosing, such as monthly. 

📆 By creating cohorts, you know exactly where on the timeline of the campaign all of your new hires are. Additionally, if you plan to leverage a Teams: CyberEscape Online experience as a way for new hires to learn cybersecurity topics together as a team, implementing a cohort gives your new hires equal time to register for a session! 

📝 When the report is downloaded from User Management, the users appear by who was most recently created within the platform. By copying the emails of those most recently created within the timeframe of your choosing into a new .csv document, an audience can be easily created using the "List" option within filters and rules. For more information, see How to Create and Audience Using a List.

📊 Cohorts can either be added as an entire audience to a dynamic campaign, or if you would like to have some separate reporting metrics per cohort, a campaign can be duplicated and launched new to the new cohort!