How to Schedule Sessions on the Teams: CyberEscape Online Scheduling Tool

After creating a Campaign, you are ready to schedule sessions! Need help creating a campaign, check out How to create a Campaign on the Teams scheduling tool.

See gif and steps below:

  1. Select the Campaign you would like to schedule sessions in the dropdown at the top
  2. Underneath 'Create Campaign', select 'Add Session'
  3. You have the option to schedule a single session or multiple sessions at one time
  4. Select Date, Start Time, Time Zone, and Max Participants (Please note: Start Time will be defaulted to your most current time or the closest 10 minute interval). 
  5. Select 'Save'
  6. Once saved, you'll see your session(s) generate.
  7. To edit anything on a specific session, select 'Edit'
  8. To invite participants to book a session you have created, you can send the URL for participants to see all sessions available in a calendar view by clicking 'Invite Participants' (This is best used when you are planning multiple sessions)
  9. You can also click on the Session Link to share the URL to that specific session with your participants directly (This is best used when you are only making one session)


You will not be able to select a date or time in the past. Only present and future date and time will be selectable. This ensures you are not accidentally making sessions that are expired for your participants. 

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