How to schedule multiple sessions at one time on the Teams: CyberEscape Online scheduling tools

The most effective and efficient way to schedule sessions in your Campaign will be to schedule multiple at one time.  Especially when scheduling sessions across different time zones, locations, languages, etc; the more you can do in bulk -- the better!

If you need to only schedule one session, take a look at: How to schedule a session in Teams: CyberEscape Online.

Create multiple sessions by following the steps and gif below:

  1. Select your desired Campaign
  2. Press 'Add session' underneath the 'Create Campaign' button
  3. With the new window on the right side of the screen, toggle to 'Multiple'
  4. Select Time Zone and Max Participants per Session
  5. Select the date range
  6. Select the Start Time. NOTE: This is the start time of  your FIRST session within the group of sessions you're scheduling now.
  7. Select the number of Sessions per day. EXAMPLE: If you select the start time of 12pm and 5 sessions in a day, the sessions will run at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm.
  8. Select the days you'd like the sessions to be scheduled. NOTE: Any day highlighted red is a selected day
  9. Select 'Next'
  10. This screen will show you all of the sessions you are about to generate in list form. Note: You can remove any sessions you do not want to generate here - for example if you'd like to book sessions all day but would like to reserve an hour for lunch everyday.
  11. Your sessions will generate into a list
  12. You can still edit and find the shareable link for each individual session


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