Training Platform - How to create a custom module on your Training site

A fun feature of Living Security's Platform site is the ability to incorporate your internal events and activities into custom modules on your users' dashboard.  Whether it's a lunch and learn, webinar, or even a scavenger hunt to get your users engaged, we'd love to host it on our Platform site to ensure your users have a single homebase to return to for their security awareness training. 

Requesting a custom module for your platform site is easy! Download our Custom Module Request Form here. Ensure all fields are filled out, then send to our Support Team at

⛔ Note: End user dashboard images will have the module title and other content details overlaid. Do not submit images with text.

Your custom module will be available in your Living Security Catalog (only visible in your account of course) within five business days. Once there, if your custom module has an assessment, you can edit questions, answers and training nudges.

Have any questions? Contact Us!