How Do I Launch a Phishing Campaign?

To create a phishing campaign, go to Phishing Simulator > Campaign Manager and click on the New Campaign on the right top of the page.
New Campaign

Or, you can click the Note Pad button to Edit a previous Campaign if you are wishing to re-launch the same campaign
Edit Campaign

Once you have click on the edit campaign icon, or the New Campaign on the right top of the page, you will see the Campaign Edit page.
Campaign Editor Page

Now, you need to fill in the related fields to create a new campaign or edit an existing one. To know what each setting does, please reference the chart below:



Campaign Name

The name of the campaign to be launched


Selection of the identified email server

Email Groups

Selection of email group the campaign to be sent


Selection of the phishing scenarios to be used in the campaign

Test Email Addresses

Type the email address for a test, before launching the campaign.

Test Subject / Subject

Header information of email to be sent


Email address the phishing email is going to be sent from. (The address to be selected must have a DNS registry.)

From Name

The sender name

Phishing URL

URL information where the prepared fake page will be displayed.

Dead Time

The option of how many days the campaign will continue.

SMTP Delay

Email sending intervals between each email

Advanced Settings

Settings with detailed options

Daily Report

It sends a daily report about this phishing campaign

Finished Report

Report on the completed phishing campaign


It enables SSL option for Phishing URL

LDAP Match

It checks the password on LDAP. For this, LDAP settings must be configured.


It enables to use of BeEF (The Browser Exploitation Framework Project) in the frame tag

BEEF Address

Users’ BeEF URL

Time Zone

The campaign start date for phishing


The campaign can be scheduled here


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