Living Security Phish - Establishing a SCIM integration

The System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) user management API enables automatic provisioning of users between Living Security Phish and your Identity Provider.

Identity Provider instructions

If your identity provider is not listed in this guide the instructions below will be very similar. For questions or assistance with the listed solutions or any others please contact

Azure Active Directory

  1. Login to your Azure environment ( as an administrator and select to Azure Active Directory.

  2. Now click Enterprise Applications in the left-hand menu.

  3. Click New Application.

  4. Click Create your own application, name it appropriately in the slide out menu that appears, then select the bubble for Non-gallery and click Save.

  5. After the application is added select Provisioning in the left-hand menu, the click Get started.

  6. In the Provisioning Mode dropdown select Automatic, enter the SCIM URL of, your secret token, then click Test Connection. After observing a successful test click Save.

  7. Once you save your settings, do not forget to switch Provision Status from “off” to “on”. It should always be “on’.