Generating an API Key for Living Security Phish

Establishing a SCIM connection between your identity provider and Living Security Phish requires both a Base URL and API Key. The following steps describe how a Living Security administrator can create the key for their company.

Generating the API Key

  1. In your Phish Management Panel expand Advanced Settings in the lower left then click SCIM Settings.

  2. In the new page that loads click the found on the right side to create a new SCIM connection.
  3. Fill out the fields based on the following information and record your API Key.

    SCIM Integration Name A free text area where you can give a name to your SCIM integration.
    Group Name A free text area where you can name the target group.
    Set as default group Check this box for all users in your IdP to be assigned and synchronized to this group and not department-based. If this box is not checked, then the group will be assigned and department-based
    Secret Token This is automatically generated for your company profile. Please save this secret token for your IdP SCIM configuration.