Collecting SAML Traces to Troubleshoot SSO Integration Issues

Viewing or submitting SAML trace captures to your Support Team can help to troubleshoot and resolve various SSO issues.

1. Download the SAML-tracer extension for your browser of choice:

    1. Chrome

    2. FireFox


Other browsers like Edge and Brave are based on Chromium and can use the install from the Chrome web store.

2. Restart your browser
3. Locate and click on the SAML Tracer icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser:


SAML-tracer will begin listening as soon as you launch it. While you wait to reproduce the issue the  and can be used to limit log output.

4. With SAML tracer open reproduce the issue by accessing the URL to log in to the Living Security application using SSO.

5. Restore the SAML tracer window and select the POST message with an orange SAML indicator next to it, then click the SAML tab at the bottom:

It is within this view that you can begin troubleshooting SAML issues with your support staff at Living Security. There are times that Living Security might ask for a SAML export to bring back to the team for further review. In that case you may either copy the contents of the SAML Tab or you can click the button to save the results to be sent to the LS Team.