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Hunt Down Human Risk: Powerful Insights for a Minimized Attack Surface

In this on-demand webinar, learn how you can use Unify Power Insights to take the guesswork out of how to reduce human-induced breaches, such as:
  • ✔ Phishing and Social Engineering
  • ✔ Account Compromise
  • ✔ Malware and Unsafe Browsing
  • ✔ Data Loss (Sensitive Information Sharing Metrics)

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Hunt Down Human Risk: Powerful Insights for a Minimized Attack Surface

See How Data Fuels Workforce Risk Mitigation

Identity, event, and behavioral data lives in more than one technology solution, making it difficult for members of the Human Risk Operations Center (HROC) including team members in SAT, GRC, SOC, and leadership roles to export, correlate and analyze human risk data. 

Without visibility into who are the riskiest and most vigilant employees across more than one type of risk poses a challenge for how to address human risk in the first place. That’s all about to change!

Join Laura Edmonson and Nick Marchiselli (Senior Client Success Managers at Living Security) for a first look into how Unify Power Insights is changing the way the security industry prioritizes who and with what type of training or actions taken as the first step in mitigating risk across phishing and social engineering, account compromise, malware, and data loss.   

This session is designed for Security Awareness & Training (SAT) professionals, GRC practitioners, SOC Analysts, and CISOs who want to learn how to effectively drive change with correlated identity, event, and behavior data.

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