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Jan. 10 Webinar 2024 - Email Banner (On-Demand)

Shift Security Awareness to Human Risk Management

In this on-demand webinar, learn how your organization can utilize human risk management today to:

✔ Identify the most vulnerable part of your workforce  
✔ Improve security outcomes with targeted training & exercises 
✔ Measure effectiveness of training and exercises in real time

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How To Shift From Security Awareness to Human Risk Management

Learn how to leverage your existing security training, phishing, and email security tools to begin your human risk management journey.

What if you could identify and help the people in your workforce most at risk to social engineering? With Living Security Unify Go HRM, you can.

Forward-thinking security leaders are utilizing a new approach for security awareness: human risk management. This enables security teams to shift from one-size-fits all compliance-based training and phishing to a targeted, outcome-based approach.

During this webcast, see real-world use cases of how security leaders are shifting from a security awareness posture to human risk management including:

  • Identifying the most vulnerable part of the workforce to security breaches like phishing
  • Providing targeted training and exercises designed to improve security outcomes
  • Measuring the effectiveness of training and exercises based on subsequent behavior

Join us to hear from Donna Verga (Senior Manager, Cybersecurity Education & Awareness, at Abbott) and Mark Collura (Vice President, Sales, at Living Security), and learn how your organization can make the shift to human risk management today.

Featured Speakers

Donna Verga
Donna Verga

Senior Manager - Cybersecurity Education & Awareness


Results-driven and strategically-focused leadership professional with a dynamic career of highly-transferable marketing expertise and a passion for driving community engagement and empowerment.

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Mark Collura
Mark Collura

Vice President, Sales

Living Security

“Success is not owned; it is rented, and that rent is due every day.” —Rory Vaden

Our growth at Living Security is predicated on our clients being successful. Our go-to-market team enables our clients success. I am focused on building out that team and creating a much needed change in our market.

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