Why isn't my CSV file uploading?

Here are common reasons why a CSV upload may not work:

  1. File Size - If possible, limit number of rows to 2000. While up to 10,000 rows can be uploaded, your computer's processing and internet speed could cause the upload to time out.
  2. File Type - Make sure your file is saved as .CSV (Comma Delimited). There are other .CSV versions available, be sure to save as the correct one.
  3. Column Headings - Your import file must match the exact headings and order of headings. Use thethe downloadable template on the site.
  4. Special Characters - Special characters in attributes like job titles can be interpreted by the Platform as a column break. The system then registers your columns are not an exact match and may reject the upload. Commas in Job Titles are the typical culprit.
    1. CTRL + F to find and remove all commas and other special characters

    2. Add quotes around the text that has a comma to let the system know it's just text

  5. No Email Address - A row without an email address, but other attributes, will cause the upload to fail. Filter your email column by blanks and delete those rows before uploading.