Training Platform - Why are the videos taking so long to load?

There are several reasons the videos may be taking longer than expected to load.

  1.  The browser or device - The Living Security Training Platform is compatable with laptops and desktops. We support the latest version of these browsers:
    1. Microsoft Edge
    2. Google Chrome

  2. Your VPN - A VPN can slow the video load time. Launch the video and wait 2 - 3 minutes before watching to avoid freezes in the middle.

  3. Corporate Network Policies may be too restrictive - Here are things you can change:
    1. Request that traffic is whitelisted for
      2. *
      3. *.*
      5. *
      6. *
    2. Ask if deep packet inspection and/or bandwidth restrictions are in place that prevent the successful delivery of video content from the above sites. This typically results in unplayable videos for our end users. At this time we do not support adaptive bitrate streaming.
    3. Ensure network policies support TLS 1.2 for traffic for above sites. Although we support TLS 1.3 for the root application, our content manager does not currently support TLS 1.3