Whitelist Help and Additional Resources

Whitelisting General Information

To ensure training notifications, invitations, and other communication do not get flagged, blocked or filtered as a phishing or spam email, please whitelist our IP addresses:



All traffic for the following URLs need to be whitelisted before training is rolled out:

app.livingsecurity.com port 80, port 443
identity.livingsecurity.com port 80, port 443
livingsecurity.com port 80, port 443
*.livingsecurity.com port 80, port 443
*.*.livingsecurity.com port 80, port 443
cnd.contentful.com port 80, port 443
assets.ctfassets.net port 80, port 443
images.ctfasset.net port 80, port 443
living-security-res.cloudinary.com port 80, port 443
assets.livingsecurity.com port 80, port 443

This will cover the various URLs we use for videos and game play.

Why should I whitelist?
Companies often have varying limitations and restrictions across the organization. Whitelisting our domains and addresses will ensure all of your users have access for any of the training they are participating in; Platform Modules, Series, Puzzles, Teams: CyberEscape Online, etc.

Whitelisting Best Practices

Whitelisting Living Security to ensure your entire organization has access to the domains and URLs needed for any trainings or activities.

What to whitelist if you are cloud-based?

For mail server: Email header
For spam filter: Hostname or IP Address

What to whitelist if you are not cloud-based?

For mail server: Hostname OR IP Address

Whitelisting for Mail Servers

Google Mail IP Address
Microsoft Exchange 2010 IP Address
Microsoft 365, Exchange Online

Whitelisting Emails and Filters
Cisco Whitelisting
McAfee Whitelisting
Proofpoint Whitelisting

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