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What To Do When You've Been Invited to a Teams: CyberEscape Online Demo

We're so excited that you're interested in a demo of our Teams: CyberEscape Online experience! Please make sure you review this article to ensure a seamless experience during your demo. All attendees should access the session using the latest version of our supported browsers, Chrome and Edge, on a desktop or laptop computer. Gameplay is not supported on Tablets or Mobile Devices.


Visit and run this test: test.livingsecurity.com

If any of these fail, it likely means that your company firewall or VPN blocks all traffic that hasn’t been whitelisted. If you’re able to, try turning off the VPN. If that doesn’t work, using a personal laptop or whitelisting the IPs listed below may solve the problem.

If you turn off your VPN, run the above tests to confirm before beginning the experience.



Once you sign into the session, it is important to pay attention to the instruction models that guide you through the different functionalities. 


Video & Audio Settings:

  • Before your session, make sure you close out of any windows that use your microphone or camera such as Zoom or WebEx.
  • After opening your session, please click on the 'Lock' icon by the web address to ensure the microphone and webcam are enabled for the site. 

Helpful Tips:

  • When any video is playing, all players’ microphones are muted. You can unmute by clicking the microphone icon.
  • We currently only support Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on PC's or laptops only: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox
  • Did you accidentally leave the session? Just log back in!
  • In each person's window, "Take Lead". If it says Leader, than you are the leader!
  • The game actions that will result in a time penalty are as follows:
    • Each incorrect question response - 1 minute penalty
    • Skipping a puzzle - 5 minute penalty

For enterprise-wide compatibility, view whitelisting information.