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Troubleshooting Teams: CyberEscape Online Media Connection

For Participants

If any of these tests are failing for you, please contact your IT Team, Network Team, or Security Awareness Team for assistance. 

For IT

The following information will help with troubleshooting the whitelisting requirements needed for connection to Cloudinary. Run the compatibility tests here to ensure whitelisting was successful: https://test.livingsecurity.com/

Error Messages

  1. Failed to retrieve the video manifest
  2. Failed to load game images
  3. Page can’t load image from … domain!
  4. Video will not work at … resolution!

Domains to Whitelist:


All of our Cloudinary traffic is proxied behind our own domain. If the issues you're seeing are around video speed, then it a solution might be to add an SSL bypass for the above domain to ensure traffic isn't being throttled. We have also seen some users report lags in content loading of up to a minute when their internet connection is slow, or when connected to a VPN.