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Troubleshooting Teams: CyberEscape Online Internet Speed

Slow Internet? Try the following tips.

You can test your internet speed using our Compatibility Test

If you're experiencing lagging or connection issues during a session, your network connection or packet loss might be the reason. Try the following tips to improve your network speed: 

  • Restart your browser, device, or internet router. Sometimes "have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?" really does do the trick 🙂
  • Make sure your OS and browser is up to date. Don't forget to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge!
  • If you're able to, try plugging your device directly into an ethernet connection for the strongest connection. If you don't have an ethernet cord, try moving closer to your router. 
  • Close other apps, browser tabs, or windows that are running in the background of your device. We see you, person with 100 tabs open. 
  • If possible, turn off your VPN. This is the most common culprit behind a slow network connection. Not everyone is able to do this, so if you can't, the above tips will still help. 

Even if you have a slower internet connection, you can still enjoy the CyberEscape experience! Just know that videos and puzzles may take a little longer to load.