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Troubleshooting Teams: CyberEscape Online Database Connection

Database Connection Test Failures and Troubleshooting

For Participants

If any of these tests are failing for you, please contact your IT Team, Network Team, or Security Awareness Team for assistance. 

For IT

The following information will help with troubleshooting the whitelisting requirements needed for connection to Firebase. Run the compatibility tests here to ensure whitelisting was successful: https://test.livingsecurity.com/

Error Messages: 

  1. Google Firestore: default websockets
  2. Default options 
  3. Autodetect fallback
  4. Fallback error
  5. Realtime with default options
  6. Realtime with autodetect fallback
  7. Realtime fallback error

Domains to Whitelist:

Port 443/TCP 


The tests rely on websocket technology. If this is blocked or disabled, these tests may fail. Try this test to ensure they're enabled in your browser:  https://websocketstest.com/

Virtual Desktop 

Virtual desktops typically do not have websockets installed by default. If you are on a virtual machine or desktop and are receiving a Google Firestore: Default websockets failure, that might be the cause. If you can't connect directly through your native device browser, please ask your Security Awareness Admin to reach out to us at Living Security for support. 

SSL Bypass

Many security tools like ZScaler, Netskope, and Forcepoint have an optional setting that can make them act as an SSL Proxy. Some services (like Firebase) don’t like SSL Proxies sitting between them and users. If your network security tool utilizes SSL inspection and you're having trouble getting these tests to pass, adding an SSL bypass rule will likely resolve blocking issues. You can find more detailed information on what this means and how to do this in the following articles: 




Also helpful is configuring SSL Certificate Pinning for Google Shared Services as outlined here: