Training Platform - How do I add or remove a user from an active campaign?

There are a few ways to add or remove a user from campaign depending on the desired result. Before making changes, check to see if the campaign is Static or Dynamic.

A Static campaign no longer interacts with the audience so any changes made to the audience will have no impact to campaign enrollment. You will need to convert the campaign to Dynamic in order to for changes to the audience to impact the campaign. Be cautious! All changes that have occurred to that audience since the campaign launch will be reflected immediately in campaign enrollment once it's changed to Dynamic.

How to Remove a User

Here is how you can remove a user from a Dynamic campaign through the audience based on the desired result:

  • To stop a user from receiving future assignments, remove them from the audience by adjusting filters. 
  • To remove a user from the campaign as if they were never enrolled, add an Exception to Always Deny the user from the audience. This removes all past assignments along with any completion data that occurred within the associated campaign(s).

⛔WARNING: Audiences can be tied to multiple campaigns

Audience adjustments will impact all associated dynamic campaigns. Please review all associated campaigns to ensure the adjustment is appropriate for all.

How to Add a User

To add you user to a Dynamic campaign, either change the filters to include the user, or add the user an Exception to Always Grant. What content is assigned depends on how the Campaign is structured:

  • If the campaign timeline is built upon Relative Dates, the user will start on Day One of the timeline. If content is assigned on Day One, the user will receive immediately upon being added to the audience
  • If the campaign timelines is built upon Specific Dates, review the Assign Past Content toggle.