Teams: CyberEscape Online - Participant List Report

Participant List:


In Participant List, you will be able to view reporting on a Participant level. There are other columns that can also be useful in this tab. The columns you are able to add to this report are as follows:

  • Email - Email of the participant
  • Session ID - ID of the session the participant was in
  • Campaign Name - Name of the Campaign the participants session was in
  • Storyline - The storyline the participant played through
  • Team Name - The team name for the team the participant was in during the session
  • Accrued Time - Total time it took for the participants team to complete the session (penalty time + elapsed time)
  • Session Completed - Whether the participant finished the session or not

You are also able to use the search text box to look up a participants specific email, a campaign name, or a team name. You can also download the Participant List report in a CSV file. 


If you have any additional questions about Reporting on the Teams: CyberEscape Online platform, please email us at