Teams: CyberEscape Online - License Usage Details and Summary Report

License Usage Details:

In License Usage Details, you will find all the unique emails that have participated in a Teams: CyberEscape online session. Remember: 1 user counts as 1 license and can join as many sessions regardless of it being a different storyline or not. Only 1 email will be recorded in this tab for 1 user, unless that user joins with a different email. 

You will also have the following 6 columns to work with in this report:

  • Participant Email - Email for the Participant (Only logged once - the first session the participant participated in)
  • Session ID - Session ID the Participant attended
  • Time - Time of day the session took place
  • Date - Date when the participants first session took place
  • Timezone - Timezone of the session scheduled
  • Campaign Name - Name of the Campaign the session was in

You are also able to use the search bar to look up a specific participants email or Campaign Name, or download the report for License Usage Details.

License Usage Summary: 

Under License Usage Summary, you will get a breakdown of when the license start and end date is as well as how many of the licenses have been used up and how many are remaining. 


If you have any additional questions about Reporting on the Teams: CyberEscape Online platform, please email us at