Training Platform - Sending SAML data for SSO Sign in help

If your organization does not allow

1. Open google chrome in “incognito” mode

2. Open Developer Tools / Inspect

  • Right click in the window and click inspect OR
  • Press Command + Option + C (Mac) or Control + Shift + C (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS)
    1. Click the Network tab
    2. In the ‘Filter’ box type "method:POST"
    3. Select Other tab

3. Go back to the incognito window you already opened. This is now tied to the Inspect window.

4. Navigate as you normally would to your SSO site

    1. Press the SIGN IN button
    2. Go through sign-in process as far as you can

5. Return to the Developer Tools / Inspect window to copy data

    1. Network tab, Other, and Headers should all already be selected.
    2. Select the first request
    3. Locate the request that contains SAMLRequest
      • Copy the data following SAMLRequest
      • Send Living Security this data as text
    4. Locate the request that contains SAMLResponse and copy the data following SAMLResponse
    5. Send Data to Living Security as a text