Program Owner / CISO Introductory Video Script Template

Want to include an introductory video in your Training campaign but aren't quite sure what to say? Don't worry - we've got your back!


I’m (name) and I am the (role) here at (company name).

As you have probably noticed, cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics in the news. We rarely go a day without hearing about a data breach, ransomware attack, or other scam. What used to be a significant threat to the safety of our organization has grown exponentially, and threat actors have become more sophisticated and ubiquitous than ever. They’re no longer just targeting our computers and firewalls. Their focus is another target: people.

It is critical that we’re each aware of the attacks we face. Everyday things like text messages, phone calls, or emails can be used to trick us into giving up information about ourselves, our company, and how we do things at (company name)

The best defense is a good offense. And we’re strengthening that offense by providing you with the education you are about to receive. This cybersecurity training is concise, entertaining, and, most importantly, provides the knowledge you need to fight cybercrime at work and home.

I may be the face of security at (company name), but each and every one of us has just as much ownership in the security of our company. As such, if you see something, say something. If you notice anything suspicious, contact (security contact) right away.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the training, and please remember my door is open if you have questions or concerns.