Training Platform - Procurement Questions

Question: Will all employees be automatically set up in the portal or will employees decide if they want to sign up?

Answer: You can set it up either way... you can enroll who you want by giving the Living Security platform a list of email addresses, or you can have employees come to the platform (you would email them a link) and create an account with SSO.


Question: For the tracking of results/knowledge level, will Security be able to see the results of an individual or will it be aggregated?

Answer: Security will be able to drill down to see individual results.


Question: Will the software in any way integrate with my company’s servers, laptops, cell phones, etc? 

Answer: No, there will not be any integration. It is all accessible via web browser.


Question: What sort of identifiable information is submitted by users?

Answers: The only identifiable information submitted by users will be their created username and password. The results of quizzes and puzzles will be tied to the username only.


Question: Is this a type of renewal service or is it paid per user? 

Answer: It is paid per user.


Question: What personal data will my company be receiving? 

Answer: Your company will receive the training results/status of the user that complete the training modules.


Question: Is Living Security hosting/storing/processing the demo data? If so, where? (e.g. supplier's own data center, public cloud etc.)

Answer: Yes. It is hosted in our AWS.