PingOne - Creating your Application

For Living Security Customers with an PingOne Identity Management Service, this guide will show you how to create an application to sync your IDP Environment with Living Security Applications.

:books: Overview

Your organization’s PingOne Administrator will need to proceed through the following steps to create the Living Security Training Platform Application as an application in your PingOne environment. For PingOne’s documentation on the matter, please proceed to the following link: PingOne - Adding an application


⚠️ It is highly recommended that you will need to have your Living Security Application configuration information before beginning this process. Please reach out to your onboarding specialist or Customer Success Manager if this configuration information has not been provided.

:white_check_mark: Steps to Follow

  1. In the Administrator Pane, proceed to the Connections > Applications option in the Left Hand Navigation Pane

  2. Select the [+ ] button at the top left of the Applications Pane

    Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 3.04.39 PM
  3. Select the [Web App] Option to create a custom Application

    1. Select the SAML Configure option

  4. Name the application based on your organization application naming policy, please use the below image for your icon if an icon is required or wanted.

    living security_Vertical Color Dark-1
  5. Select the [Next] Button

Congratulations! The first steps to creating your application have begun. In order to begin the next steps, we recommend you access your SAML SSO Configuration Tab in the Living Security Application, or provided by your onboarding specialist, to secure some key information that will be needed in the article listed in Next Steps.

Next Steps