Employee Marketing and Messaging - Training Platform Leaderboard

1. Keep your users engaged and excited about the Training Platform by regularly sharing Leaderboard-focused messaging such as:

  • Every module taken awards you more points on the Leaderboard. Catch up on the latest releases to earn a top spot!
  • Can you dethrone the coveted #1 spot on the Leaderboard? Log on today and battle your way to the top!
  • New modules have been released at app.livingsecurity.com. Yes, that means more points are available to move up the Leaderboard!
  • [Insert Top 1 Player] is leading the pack with [xxxx] points. It’s not too late to catch up! Log on and score some points to be in the running for awesome prizes!

2. Utilize the Campaign Leaderboard to target new participants coming to the platform.

3. Highlight a security concept or individual module by creating a "One Day Only" Campaign Contest! A campaign can be created with a single module or collection of modules  create a unique Leaderboard for your users by highlighting the Campaign Leaderboard. This is a great way to engage users with immediate results and call out a security topic that's extra important to your organization.

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