INTERNAL - Teams "Screenshare hosting" Onboarding SOP

This SOP will walk you through the process of onboarding a new client approved for the Hosted Teams feature.

🚩As a reminder, this feature is meant to be used by clients who are unable to complete whitelisting for Teams CyberEscape Online. Should a client be in this position, OS should escalate through proper channels, and the decision whether to enable screenshare hosting will be made by Rachel. 
Before Hosted Teams Implementation Call:
  • OS adds "hosted" tag to Company Teams site within company management
  • Update Support Garden access (Contact Level) with the "screen share hosting" tag
  • Update required HubSpot Properties
    • Teams Type (Company Level) - "Screen share hosting"
    • Launch/Whitelisting notes

During Hosted Teams Implementation Call:

  • Review Standard/Hosted option under "Session Type" dropdown
  • Highlight "Video Conference Link"
    • This cannot be edited after sessions are created and will be included in the email sent to end users
    • If using the registration tool, this session link will appear on the calendar invite in place of the session link
  • Session Type, Session Link (for host), and Video Conference Link (for participants) can be seen by selecting "Edit" on the individual session
    • At gameplay: host will authenticate, then be provided with a hosting guide, tips on screen sharing, and resources link to give to participants
  • Proceed with standard site tour
After Hosted Teams Implementation Call:
  • OS to send follow up email template (OS: 9 Screen Share Hosting (No Phish))

👩‍🏫Hosted Session Feature Highlights/Changes:
  • Admin can add a conferencing link to be shared through the registration process instead of a session link
  • The gameplay introduction video will not be shown
  • There will be prompts to share the resource links with participants 
  • Team will not see "switching the leader" prompts, but it is still mentioned in some videos
  • The "Incoming Transmission" video telling participants to mute will be not be shown
  • There are no longer special storylines that need to be added to account