Training Platform - How to set rules and exceptions for an Audience

To ensure your Content is delivered to the correct participants, set up Audiences with set rules and exceptions to keep your end users up to date. Below you can see the different options to organize your participants into an Audience:

  1. Rules: Add specific categories into the rules to always include specific job titles, locations, departments, organizations, etc.
  2. Rule Exceptions: Toggle on and off to allow rule exceptions into the Audience group
  3. Exceptions: Add specific user exceptions that do not follow the set rules, but you would like included in the audience. Tip: These exceptions should be one-offs and not be large groups of exceptions.
  4. All Admissions: Tab to view all participants in an audience
  5. Always Grant: Tab to view users set to Always Grant access into the Audience via exceptions
  6. Always Deny: Tab to view users set to Always Deny access into the Audience via exceptions


New Audience  Edit Mode - Exceptions on

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