How to remove users from the User Management page on the Training Platform as a SCIM client

**NOTE: Only applicable if your users are provisioned to the Training site through SCIM.

Removing users from the Living Security Training site is managed by your SCIM provider.

When users leave your company or need to be removed from our Training site, unassign our Training site from your SCIM provider. Deactiving users in your SCIM provider will not remove them from the Living Security's Training site.

Unassigning in your SCIM provider (Okta, AD, Azure, etc) will ensure the users are removed from the User Management admin page and the employees no longer have access to the Training site. 

The only way to re-add the users to the Training site is to re-provision the users through from the CLIENT side of SCIM.

If you have additional questions Contact Us, or view more information about User Management.