How to Import Users with a CSV File on the Training Platform

Importing and Exporting users can be done by switching to Manage List in the User Management window. 

⛔ WARNING: Newly added users will automatically be enrolled in Dynamic Campaigns if they clear Audience filters. Before uploading, review any active Dynamic Campaign and associated Audiences to ensure your users do not receive unintended training assignments.

  1. Switch to Manage List
  2. Export User List Template: Download the template from the site to ensure a smooth import. Update users as needed, any user left un-edited will not be updated.
  3. Import User List: Import the updated template for a quick update of user information
  4. History of past exports and imports: See past exports and imports by date, action, accounts added, and accounts modified

📍 Please do not edit or remove any columns from the User List Template. Any attributes you do not plan on using can be left blank.

Once you have downloaded the User List Import template, you will see the different columns you can add information to. The columns can in any order, however, the template already has the columns set for you. It is best practice to at minimum provide First Name, Last Name, and Email address for any user you are wanting to add to the Living Security Training platform.

📝 Please note: If you choose to not include First Name and Last Name, the user's email address will be used in places such as the Leaderboard.

Whenever you are done adding your users, whether 1 or 100,000, you will want to make sure you save the file as a CSV. To quickly check this, you can go to File>Save As if using Excel or File>Download on Google Sheets, and select CSV. 

Google Sheets: 

To import the User List, you will head back to the Living Security Training Platform and click on 'Import User List'.

Finally, select the User List you are wanting to upload. Make sure to check for an import success notification in the top right corner of the Training Platform. 

📝 Please note: If you are using SCIM, importing users is disabled. Users will be automatically pulled from your Active Directory. 

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