How to Enable MS Teams Notifications for a Campaign

What is the Microsoft Teams Integration?

Emails can often get overlooked. With the Microsoft Teams Integration, you can now deliver Living Security Training notifications through the Microsoft Teams platform. 

If you are still needing to enable the Microsoft Teams integration, please visit our article MS Teams Integration Setup.

Enabling MS Teams Notifications for a Campaign

• After App installation, the Training Tool can send Microsoft Teams notifications about the users' assigned security awareness training.

• These notifications will tell the user when training has been assigned when a due date is approaching, and send past due notifications.

To add an MS Teams notification to a Campaign, you will click the plus sign on one of the three available notifications while in Campaign Builder:

Next, select the MS Teams notification. 

💡You can use an Email and MS Teams notification to be delivered simultaneously. 

Repeat this step for the Due Date Reminder and Past Due Notifications. 

💡Email and Chat notifications are distinguishable by their icon.💡

Once a Campaign has been launched, and MS Teams notifications have been enabled, the end-user in the Campaign will receive those notifications through the MS Teams app on the day they execute.

The notification will include a brief message, a due date, the name of the Campaign, and a button to be taken to the LS Training Dashboard to start the assignment. 

Training Assigned Notification Example:

If you are needing help creating a Campaign, visit our article Campaign Builder Overview.


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