Training Platform - How to Create an Audience Using a List

📝 If you have a select group of users you are wanting to assign training to, a great way to create this Audience is using the "List" option within the filters and rules. To begin, create a CSV file containing the emails of the targeted users in column A. 

Emails must be lowercase and file should be saved as a *.csv file

To upload the .csv file, start by creating a new audience.

  1. In the filters and rules, select the "List" option:AudienceUsingList1
  2. Import the saved CSV fileAudienceUsingList2
  3. You will receive a pop up detailing how many emails were found in the CSV file:

⛔ Note: Email addresses not found do not yet exist as users within the platform. 


This audience will now contain only those emails found within the list!

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