Training Platform - How do I know which Department needs more Training... and on What?

You have launched a few trainings to your end users and you are now wondering how to evaluate the data and know what Departments need more training and on what concepts. For this, we recommend visiting the Risk tab under Analytics. 

In this view, you will focus on two different reports; Bottom Rank and Security by Category. By default, there will be no filters applied but the date range will be set to the past 30 days. You can update the date range but its best not adding filters yet as we want to determine what Department has the lowest average.

We recommend starting off with Bottom Rank. You may need to scroll down on the Risk report page to view Bottom Rank. 

As you can see highlighted above, you can sort by different user attributes. The one we want to focus on is the Department attribute. 

Here, we can see that both the IT and Product departments have the lowest security score and likely need the most attention.

However, now that we know what Departments need more training. What type of Training should those Departments receive? Here is where we want to utilize the filter. Click on Add and check off Department. 

Now, you will be able to check of the Departments you saw with the lowest security score in the Bottom Rank section. In this example, it was the IT and Product departments. 

After selecting the Department(s), now you will take a look at the Security Score by Category section. This section will be updated as soon as the filters are applied. 

After reviewing the updated data, we can come to the conclusion that Privacy and Physical Security are the lowest scoring for the two departments, IT and Product. More training on the two topics would be best to start off with and review any positive or negative changes for the IT and Product departments on Privacy and Physical Security. 

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