Integrating LDAP with Living Security Phish

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an Internet protocol that email and other programs use to look up information from a server. By providing integration of Windows Active Directory and LDAP, this option can be used to import users.

  1. From your dashboard, expand from the left-hand menu and select LDAP Settings.

  2. On this new page click in the upper-right. Here, you can create a new LDAP registry and make multiple Active Directory definitions.

  3. Reference the following table to complete your integration:
    Settings Description
    URL Your Active Directory’s (AD) IP address or DNS address
    Username An authorized username to make LDAP query
    Password The password for the account
    Status The status of the registry to be added can be changed as passive or active. It can be used when it is active.
    Filter The options under this menu can be left as default. If AD structure customized, changes can be made in the forms of queries here.