Compatibility Testing for Teams: CyberEscape Online

Run this test to help troubleshoot and diagnose blocked services that will negatively impact your experience.

Please note: All tests should be run on the same network you will be using to play the game. If multiple network types are used at your company (in-office, VPNs, home Wi-Fi, etc.), run tests on each type to ensure compatibility. 

If any of these tests fail, it likely means that the necessary services haven't been whitelisted in your company's network or firewall. Your company's IT team can help by following the whitelisting instructions in this article. If you have done this and are still having trouble, email for further assistance. 

International Employees

If you have employees in multiple countries, we recommend asking someone from each office to complete the tests to ensure widespread availability. 

If you have participants in China, please take a look at our documentation here as some services are blocked:

Testing on a VPN?

If you're getting failed results and are able to, try disconnecting the VPN and run the tests one more before beginning the experience. 

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