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Security Awareness as Action, Not Afterthought

Security awareness is more than knowing what is needed, but acting naturally preventive. Too often we think of security as a concept that has no bearing on our behavior. But, similar to the way we say “we summer in Cape Cod," "secure" is an action and a verb. In a motocross race, for example, the driver's balance and control actions are the sum of his knowledge and applied practices to avoid their risk of falling or loosing speed.

Let’s look at how you can do with security awareness:

  • In the office: With all the   out there, your workplace is a constant area of security activity. You can actually do security by proactively reporting suspicious emails and verifying all payment information as a rule. 
Phishing messages, and E-Mail scams
  • In your home: From the act of locking your door at night to changing the default credentials on your Wi-Fi router with a good password, your home is another location where you can do safety consciousness. 
  • On vacation: When you are on  , your security actions do not take a holiday.  A simple act, such as using a VPN when connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot is an action that can mean the difference between online safety and identity theft. 

All of the training that you participate in is geared towards solidifying your actions, not just your thoughts. In fact, when security is an afterthought, it is usually too late.

As any   knows, it is more effective to change a behavior in order to change your thinking, than it is to change your thinking to affect your behavior.  Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent the habits and muscle memories that you wish to become your lifestyle. 

avid fitness enthusiast

The more you DO security, the less you will think about it.

Try it!