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Ever Heard of Data Classification? 

You know how every spy movie is like ‘top secret’ and ‘if I told you, I’d have to’... ya know... ‘send “Bond, James Bond…”’ 

Well, all they’re really talking about is types of data and types of people. I’m not kidding. On one hand you have information – or data that isn’t public and needs to be protected. On the other hand, you have people with special, double-oh-seven (007) ‘need to know.’

The trick is knowing how to label information so it gets to the right people at the right time. And that's what data classification means! I’m serious!

Just think how many documents you create every day – tons of emails, bank statements, procedures. Some of that information is not all that important. And some of it is highly sensitive, right? So if it falls into the wrong hands, what kind of information is it and how has it been protected?

Take your credit card details for example – if stolen, you can actually lose your own money (and a lot of time spent on calling your bank - lol). But in the corporate world, it’s not only about money (even if we’re talking big $$$, here), it’s also about reputation loss and staying in business!

Data Breaches

Data breaches smear all your beloved research projects and intellectual property all over the front page of the news! That’s the real reason why great companies keep their trade secrets, SECRET. It's also what preserves their competitive advantage! 

It may sound complicated, but data classification is really just about doing simple things well. It’s about knowing how documents are classified and how they should be filed. It’s about being aware which files are most important and taking good care of them. It’s about protecting sensitive information from anyone without need to know.

You contribute to the cause everyday you file information correctly, check out its classification, organize public and private data and shred sensitive info when no longer needed. Take our word for it! 

From security, with love… [imagine our best Sean Connery, accent :)]