Best Practices for Inviting Participants to Sign Up for Teams: CyberEscape Online Sessions

There are many ways to grant your end users access to sign up for a Teams session date and time that works best for them. Below are the most popular examples of where to leverage the shareable sign-up link.

For details on where to find the sign up link, check out: How to invite users to sign up for Teams sessions

Email Communication:

Leverage our Marketing Materials and Contact Plans to write email communication to send the sign-up link out to end users. This is a great way to set expectations and preface the experience with technical help ahead of the users getting access.

You can also schedule multiple emails to ensure engagement and sign ups from your end users. 


Do you have a regular newsletter that goes out to employees with latest events and news for your organization? Leverage a section for CyberEscape Online! Use our Marketing Materials with images and trailers to engage your employees to sign up for a session. 

Training Platform (

Registration and attendance modules are available in your Living Security catalog to incorporate the experience with your training campaigns, while giving your users more ways to engage and earn leaderboard points.


One of the most popular ways our client base encourages users to sign up, is by creating a Living Security or internal security program homebase in their LMS or Sharepoint. Your users will always know where to go to find the latest updates and the sign up link will always be easily found. 

Quick tip: Create a tile or chiclet with the Living Security Logo that directs to the Sign-Up link! (ATTACHED)

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