Azure Active Directory - Creating a Non-Gallery Enterprise Application

For Living Security Customers with an Azure Active Directory, this guide will show you how to create an application to sync your IDP Environment with Living Security Applications.

:books: Overview

Your organization’s Microsoft Azure Active Directory Administrator will need to proceed through the following steps to create the Living Security Training Platform Application as a non-gallery Enterprise Application. For Microsoft Azure’s documentation on the matter, please proceed to the following link: Quickstart: Add an Enterprise Application

❗If your Organization is not enabling SCIM, Living Security has an Active Directory Gallery Application that you can use on the Active Directory App Store to create your Enterprise Application. Please see Microsoft's guide here to configure your application via the Gallery App Store. 

:white_check_mark: Steps to Follow

  1. Proceed to Active Directory and select the Enterprise Application

  2. Select [+ New Application] at the top left of the Enterprise Applications List.

  3. Select [+ Create your own application] at the top left of the New Application Landing Page

    Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 3.43.50 PM
  4. Input the name to represent the Living Security Training Application based on your organization’s naming policy. Please ensure the (Non-gallery) radio option is selected.

  5. Select [Create]

    1. For an application logo, please use the below image if required by your organization.

living security_Vertical Color Dark-1

Congratulations, your Azure Enterprise Non-Gallery Application has been created! Please see below the related articles for next steps based on how you with to configure your application further!

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