Cybersecurity Scavenger Hunt

On your mark, get set, secure it! This October, Living Security is launching a cybersecurity awareness scavenger hunt of epic proportions. Leveraging Living Security’s game-based learning platform, guided by a live-action, fictional storyline, your employees will solve puzzles both digitally and in real life. This activity will force your employees to get up and out of the safety of their chair in order to identify the risks that all organizations face.

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Game play and Training

  • 20 Minutes of live action video to help direct game play

  • 4 In real life challenges placed strategically around the office

  • 8 Training modules required to complete to progress through challenge

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integration and CUSTOMIZATION

  • Custom security policy integration

  • Participants can earn points through other security awareness activities

    • Attending a lunch and learn

    • Reading a newsletter or blog

    • Passing a phishing assessment

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  • Participants in this scavenger hunt are measured in the following areas

    • Education

    • Behavior

    • Culture

    • Policy

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