Data-Driven Security Success: RELX and Living Security


“Unify Insights enables us to shift behavior and empower each and every user to be the front line of security defense to help to prevent incidents before they can happen, which is so much more effective than scrambling to clean up if and when they do. This tool should be used for empowerment and positive reinforcement.”

Aurobindo (Robin) Sundaram, Head of Information Assurance & Data Protection at RELX

The Client: RELX

RELX is a global provider of information and analytics, serving customers across various industries. Their goal is to enable customers to make better decisions and achieve improved results. With operations spanning over 40 countries and impacting more than 30,000 employees and customers worldwide, RELX recognizes the importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding their valuable data.

The Challenge: Mitigating Cyber Risk from Human Activity

Aurobindo (Robin) Sundaram, Head of Information Assurance & Data Protection at RELX, faced the challenge of effectively managing security awareness and training for employees. The traditional approach of assigning training tasks and checking them off lacked the ability to measure behavior change or proactively identify high-risk individuals. Robin sought a solution that would enhance their security posture by identifying potential risks within the workforce and understanding the impact of training on behavior change.

The Solution: Using Data for Real-time Insights

Robin turned to Living Security, a leading cybersecurity training company, for a comprehensive solution. Living Security's Unify Insights offered the ability to quantify cyber risk, provide real-time insights, and highlight vulnerabilities across the organization. By leveraging their existing cyber risk data and integrating it with Living Security's solution, RELX gained the capability to assess risk scores efficiently and take proactive measures. The platform empowered Robin and his team to tailor guidance to high-risk groups, recognize vigilant behavior, and drive positive security culture throughout RELX.


“When it came to security awareness and training, we used send users a security training assignment, which they would complete within 30 days, and then you checkmark it and move on. We never had a really good way to either detect behavior change or proactively look at user activity and say, ‘Wait a minute, this person is going to be risky in the future’.”

Aurobindo (Robin) Sundaram, Head of Information Assurance & Data Protection at RELX

Experience: Enabling Lasting Change in Security Culture

Living Security's Unify Insights not only provided access to actionable data and adaptable analysis but also emphasized the human element in cybersecurity. RELX experienced a paradigm shift from compliance-driven awareness to a data-driven approach that measured the effectiveness of their efforts. With the ability to analyze large amounts of data and derive intelligence, RELX gained insights into what areas were improving and what required attention. Unify Insights empowered each user to become a frontline defender against potential security incidents, preventing breaches before they could occur. The platform emphasized empowerment and positive reinforcement, allowing RELX to create a lasting change in their security culture.

Looking Forward: Using Data for Continuous Improvement

By harnessing Living Security's Unify Insights, RELX witnessed the potential of data-driven cybersecurity. The platform enabled them to monitor and improve their security posture continually. Moving beyond mere compliance, RELX now had the capability to drive behavior change, empower their employees, and prevent incidents proactively. Robin's advice to others is to utilize data for empowerment and positive reinforcement, recognizing the transformative impact it can have on cybersecurity efforts.

The Takeaway

Through their partnership with Living Security, RELX successfully addressed the human element of cybersecurity risk. By using data-driven insights, they enhanced their security posture, reduced the risk of breaches, and empowered their workforce to be active defenders against cyber threats. Living Security's Unify Insights proved to be an efficient and valuable solution, enabling RELX to create a culture of cybersecurity excellence throughout their organization.

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